We can't say we are perfect. But we are trying to improve every day. Sustainability has always been part of our company ethos, but there is always more that we can strive to achieve.

100% Vegan and 100% Cruelty Free

We take great pride in not testing our products on animals and Each of our formulations is free of animal derived ingredients at the same time we manufacture high-quality beauty and skin care products that adhere to the legal safety requirements, without ever harming and testing them on animals.

ISO 14001 Environmental Certification

Environmental standards are regulations implemented for the treatment and maintenance of the environment which can include prohibition of specific activities, mandating the frequency and methods of monitoring, and requiring permits for the use of land or water. Its an organizational policy to to not harm our environment in any way and for the same we have been certified with ISO 14001 Environmental Standards, that is active.

CSR Activities

Philanthropy, social well-being or other activities serving the public interest at large are part of our organizational culture. We have an ongoing tie-up with a charity organization which involves us sponsoring over 200 women, by providing them on the job training & by helping them acquire skills they can use to make a living for their family and for themselves.

Saving Resources

We are passionate about conserving water and we have systems in place to reuse as much water as we can, through denaturing and reduce demand on the world’s limited water resources. The water is then reutilised for purposes such as cleaning & landscaping.

Inspection & Audits

Audits & inspection provide a tremendous long-term value they can help you verify the reliability of your suppliers to limit risks. Regular inspections & audits are carried out for all our suppliers as and when we start working with them.

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