Overview of Brands

Our Brands, Our Lifeblood

We have over 15 brands, across our 4 main product parallels; Fragrance, Personal Care & Beauty, Deodorants and Colour Cosmetics. Each of these brands has been carefully crafted to hit a specific consumer need & price point. With our global presence stretching to over 70 countries, consumers needs differ greatly, meaning we have a wide offering tailored to different demographics and needs.

JPD Prestige

A carefully crafted range of Oud, Oriental and French Oriental fine fragrances.

JPD Perfume

A wide ranging, delightfully well balanced range of haute-couture French inspired fragrances.

Creation Lamis

One of our longest running brands, having been in the market for 40 years.

Creation Lamis Orientals

Building off the huge success of our Creation Lamis line of fragrances, this is a heady range of Oriental fragrances, capitalizing on our decades of experience in the Orient to deliver sensual and alluring scents.

Dorall Collection

A line of hip, fun, chic, sexy fragrances for men and women. Centred on ensuring the latest market innovation is available everyone at affordable prices.


Our entry level, fragrance & personal care range – affordable, wide ranging and great quality.

Paris Collection

A range of highly effective ‘head-to-toe’ personal care & beauty products, aimed at bringing effective, popular beauty products to your doorstep regularly.


Bio Glow

A range of nature inspired personal care, sanitization and beauty products.

Racing Green

A timeless, classy, elegant British Racing inspired fragrance and personal care products for men.

Vegan Moi

A range of highly efficacious, natural, vegan and animal cruelty free beauty products that are 100% PETA certified.

CP Trendies

A fun, funky, kit and regime based range of colour cosmetics.

Precious Secrets

A lifestyle inspired range of fragrances that have great shelf presence.


A line of speciality hair care products, to add that renowned Indian lustre and gloss to your hair.


A sexy, attractive range of fragrances for Men– beware, they contains Pheremones and may be hard to stop falling in love with.

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