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Scion International LLC is well-known as one of world’s largest manufacturers in the segment of Fragrance, Personal Care and Color Cosmetics brands since 1974. Our products are present in over 70 countries and are available in some of the biggest retailers in the world including Wal Mart, Tesco, Carrefour, Lulu, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Walgreens, Target, Dollar General, Family Dollar, Auchan, Franprix, Monoprix and CVS Pharmacy – to name a few.

We have 2 fully owned manufacturing facilities, that have a wide range of International factory certifications such as ISO, GMP and PETA Animal Cruelty Free & Vegan.

We do all our Research & development in house, through 2 highly developed R&D and Innovation centers and have a deep level of vertical integration via in-house Injection Moulding, Metallizing, Printing & Decoration units. This allows us to be firmly on top of quality from end to end of the supply chain.

Our mission, that runs through everything we do, is to deliver the evocative pleasures of Fragrance & Beauty worldwide.

2000 +

Range of Products

We have massive range of products under the Perfumes, Deodorants, Color Cosmetics and the Skin care categories.

70 +

Countries we Serve

Our products are present in over 70 countries and are available in some of the biggest retailers in the world including WalMart, Tesco, Amazon, Harmon to name a few.


Manufacturing Sites

Fully owned manufacturing facilities, that have a wide range of International factory certifications such as ISO, GMP and PETA Animal Cruelty Free & Vegan.

What We Do

We design, develop, produce and market a wide range of vibrant and innovative products in the realms of (but not restricted to) Fragrances, Deodorants, Colour Cosmetics, Beauty and Personal Care. We have 2 sides of our business, one side is our OWN BRAND portfolio, where we manufacture and market a wide range of our OWN Brands across a range of market demographics. We also have a thriving PRIVATE LABEL division, where we take on select turn-key projects, where we provide an end-to-end integrate service to global brands such as Freeman Beauty, Parfume De Couer, Body Fantasies, Bod, Cristiano Ronaldo, Yardley, Fogg, Enchanetuer, Delta Goodrem.

Our Categories


Discover our range of 'head to toe' beauty and personal care products. Ranging from volumising shampoos, intensively repairing face care products & serums, to mens grooming products and natural beauty products.

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Discover our range of cosmetics ranging from eyeliners, through to mascaras and foundations, through to expansive makeup kit solutions and nail care products.

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Discover our range of evocative fragrances ranging from haute couture fine fragrances, through to sensual oriental and oud fragrances, through to fresh, sexy and fun fragrances and body mists.

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Discover our range of fine fragrance body sprays, through to anti-perspirant deodorants, roll on deodorants and deodorant sticks.

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Discover our range of unique and pocket friendly gift sets that can picked for any occassion. We have gift sets across all our categories, that include Perfumes, Personal Care products & colour cosmetics products. These range from 2 piece stocking fillers, to 10 piece block-buster sets.

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Out of all the galaxies, star systems and planets known, only Earth sustains life. The environment is our natural surroundings, including plant, animal and non-living objects across the land, water bodies and skies that support life on this planet. At SCION INTERNATIONAL, together we have conquered many challenges and together we can save our environment as well. Let us join hands on World Environment Day to save it.” #WorldEnvironmentDay2022 #OnlyOneEarth #ScionInternational ...

Eid is the time to come together and celebrate the good times. It is the time to exchange wishes and pray for a brighter and happier future.

Best wishes on Eid-Ul-Fitr to you and your loved ones from Scion International.

May you enjoy more success this coming year.

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Posted @withregram • @tanzil_blogs Celebrate your eid with your loved ones and make your eid special with gifting "creation lamis perfume" .
Its very friendly in cost and also available at any store like imtiaz ,chase,Al jadeed


Posted @withregram • @mahanoor_says I wanted to order perfumes but of a different brand, and definitely budget friendly ones. After a lot of searching, I came across these fragrances by #CreationLamis by @scioninternational. I love their packaging and it also smells so good. I have ordered it online from @fragrance.gallery.pk's website you can also buy it from retail stores across the country such as Imtiaz and Chase Up.

#ScionInternational's Ramadan 2022 mission is to give back to all the buyers of Creation Lamis, they have introduced an exciting offer where you get to win amazing prizes EVERY DAY, EVERY WEEK, and A MEGA BUMPER PRIZE at their  participating retail outlets and online on the purchase of any perfume from Creation Lamis.

Their customers get the opportunity to win 4 motorbikes, several 32-inch, and 40-inch televisions, and many shopping vouchers worth PKR 10,000, PKR 5000, PKR 2500. And not just that they are giving away Perfumes and Gift Sets every day too. Definitely check them out and tell me your thoughts on the brand & product in the comments. 💞⭐

#EidMubarak #RamadanMubarak #Pakistan #ScionInternational #mahanoorsays

Posted @withregram • @theartisticsam Hi everyone as you all know Eid is around the corner. I want to gift something to my siblings but I'm done with so many online browsing and markets visit but i haven't like anything so few days back my friend recommend me website which is www.fragrancegallery.pk havee wide range of premium #creationlamis perfumes. Creation Lamis is an International brand from @scioninternational. I ordered Two Perfume Quality, packaging, scents is so awesome and here is an exciting news for you all guys that there Ramadan 2022 campaign is still live all you have to do is shop online or visit your nearest store such as Imtiaz, chase up and get a chance to win EVERY DAY, EVERY WEEK, and MEGA BUMPER PRIZE on the purchase of any perfume from Creation Lamis. Customers get the opportunity to win 4 motorbikes, several 32-
inch, and 40-inch televisions, and many shopping vouchers worth
PKR 10,000, PKR 5000, PKR 2500. And just not that! They are giving
away Perfumes and Gift Sets every day. Yes, EVERYDAY.☺
@scioninternational @fragrance.gallery.pk

Posted @withregram • @aqsa.blogs It's my brother's birthday on this #Eid and in all the hassel I forgot to buy a gift for him.
My brother has a crazy obsession for fragrances so one of my friends told me to checkout #CreationLamis collection as this is by an international brand called @scioninternational. The quality of their perfumes is quite high and prices are verrrrrrry reasonable. So I went through their online store @fragrance.gallery.pk and found this perfume, they have pretty much every fragrance from Creation Lamis.

They are also available on retailer stores too like Imtiaz, Chase up, Bin Hashim and others across #Pakistan.
Plus point is they are having #RamadanOffer - on the purchase of ANY Creation Lamis perfume you can get a chance to win amazing prices everyday!

#EidMubarak #RamadanMubarak #ScionInternational #Eid2022

Posted @withregram • @blogft.rim Getting ready for Eid ft #CreationLamis Dark Fever; I always keep my look quite minimal but I am very picky about my scent. Got my hands on this perfume by @scioninternational and I'm amazed because it is exactly how I like it plus super budget friendly and great for everyday wear.

Currently they have this amazing #RamadanOffer going on where you can win several prizes & shopping vouchers on your purchase at Imtiaz, Chase Up and other retail outlets across Pakistan. You can also order online through @fragrance.gallery.pk ✨

#EidMubarak #RamadanMubarak #Eid2022 #ScionInternational


Posted @withregram • @zahrashappyplace_ *Tap to watch in full screen!*

Isn’t Eid all about sharing love? 🤍My love language is gifting my people small, simple gifts. Jee. That’s my way of showing appreciation! 🤗


Came across this beautiful gift idea of @creation_lamis by @scioninternational , their budget range perfumes are worth your time & money. 🦋

Also, GUYS, they’re having a Ramadan campaign going on where you can win upto 4 motorbikes and 32 and 40 inch LEDs. 😱🥳🤩
And not just this (🤯) they’re giving away vouchers worth 2500, 5000 & 10,000.
Not just thisss!
They’re giving away perfumes and gift sets DAILYYYYYY yaar!

Go to your nearest retail supermarket like Chase Up, Chase Mega, Bin Hasham, Imtiaz and enjoy your eid with some tarka? 🤭

You can also order online by placing your order through @fragrance.gallery.pk.

Got this Pure Rouge Perfume from their collection or mujhe officially pyaar hochuka hai. K thnx bye.👋

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Posted @withregram • @allurebyaliasghar #CreationLamis is an international brand by @scioninternational which offers a hugeeeee variety of fragrances. I had ordered this perfume through a very trusting online page @fragrance.gallery.pk and believe me it was best decision! You can grab your favorite Creation Lamis perfume at your nearest store including Imtiaz, Chase Up, Bin Hashim AND they are having a nation wide promotion campaign where you can win amazing prizes every day, every week and mega bumper prizes by participating at their retail store or their online store. 🤯

#RamadanOffer #ScionInternational #RamadanMubarak #Eid2022 #EidMubarak

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